Market turmoil. Not only do your regular competitors seem to chipping away at your market share. Because to new technologies there is an insurgent threatening to disrupt the status quo. Changes are coming at a furious pace.

The complexity is growing exponentially.

Where to invest?Who to partner with?When to lead?When to follow?

The days of relying on a thorough drawn out analysis are over. Rolling strategies, thinking on your feet and failing fast are what’s required these days.

By wargaming MFIB can support you in your efforts to get off your heels and set the pace. Simplify and go. We use a format originally created for strategic military settings and adapted to business environments through years of experience.

In quick intense sessions we simulate the pressure cooker that your team is in. You will be required to deliver the commanders intent. The goal of the offsite. We take over from there.

Through a exercise called red teaming we create a laser focus on competitors and hash out potential scenario’s for your companies defence or counter attack. Ultimately this will uncover insights, create comradely and deliver actionable strategies.

This is a fast, inexpensive method that can be repeated on a regular basis to stay ahead anything Mr Market can throw at you. We help you GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME.

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