MFIB has helped us to start changing almost everything. Especially the way to manage the  competition and product development. We are proud to say that we have now implemented a new way of thinking and moreover have developed a way of working whereby we have substantially increased our effectiveness in the markets we operate in. The first successes have been booked and within the next 6 months we will startle the competition. We thank the MFIB professionals for showing us the way to success (Lead the way!) and guiding/coaching us towards achievements! We can recommend the MFIB group to any company that needs a real change and wants to put their strategy to the test!



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    Rutger van der Lee

    +31 6 50 68 11 86

    Hans Steensma

    +31 6 45 09 86 50

    Bart de Wilde

    +31 6 14 96 26 72