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If you have left your e-mail address on, this will not be used for purposes other than those for which the site of is intended. If you have registered for free tips, videos or other useful information, you will receive e-mail notifications after you confirm your registration (this is called “double opt-in”). Once you have registered, you can easily unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe links that are available in every e-mail below.


MFIB Group (hereinafter: “we” and “us”) processes personal data of customers, prospects, relations and subscribers on mailing lists. Rutger van der Lee is the Data Protection Officer, but if you have any questions, you can contact us by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ button below or by telephone on 023-2052377.

Which personal data do we process?

Customer data that we process is the minimum required to conclude an agreement and to be able to invoice. The data are: First and last name, company name, position, address data, telephone number (landline and / or mobile number), e-mail address, areas of interest, quotations, contracts, e-mails. We process this to comply with legal obligations (tax) and to keep customer files, agreements and agreements up to date.

We process the following from prospects and relations: First and last name, company name, position, address, telephone number (landline and / or mobile number), e-mail address and areas of interest. We process this to be able to make our acquisition adequately.

Sharing personal data with third parties

We do not sell personal data to third parties. Data will only be provided that are necessary for the execution of a payment or the execution of the agreement that we have concluded with you or your company. We conclude a processing agreement with these parties, so that we and you can be sure that we do everything we can to ensure that your data is properly secured and that your data is treated confidentially.

Website and third party websites

Statistical information is collected on our website. For this we use Google Analytics. For advertising campaigns, information is collected by Google Adwords and / or Facebook and / or LinkedIn (if applicable). This matches the relevance of advertisements. There is no personal information going to these parties.

With Google Analytics we look at click behaviour in order to improve the website and to connect more effectively to this behaviour, the needs of our visitors to the site.

Email marketing

We use Mailchimp for our e-mail marketing. They, in their own words, comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) of the EU. You can always unsubscribe from one, more or all of our mailing lists. Lists of e-mail addresses and any other personal data are never provided to third parties and are not used for any other purpose than sending relevant information and offers of our own products and services or services of partners with whom we cooperate. Partners do not have access to these lists and personal data.

Cookie statement

We use cookies for Google Analytics, Google Adwords, we use the Facebook pixel and the Insight Tag of LinkedIn.

Google Analytics keeps track of data: – The IP address (but we have anonymised it, so it cannot be traced back to users) – Data about the device and browser being used; – From which source visitors come and from which pages on the site; – Which pages were visited and how long the average stay is; – How often buttons and links are used.

Google Adwords uses the cookie to report which media is effective and based on this information, the costs for Adwords are determined by Google.

The Facebook pixel is used to measure the effectiveness of advertisements and to make advertisements better match the preferences of Facebook users.

When we advertise on LinkedIn, we use the Insight Tag to measure the effectiveness of LinkedIn ads. At that time it will be added to the settings.

You can always delete cookies through your browser.

Contact details

If you have any questions, know improvements or want to report anything else about our AVG, please contact us immediately.

If, for whatever reason, you wish to submit a complaint about how we handle your personal data, you can do so at the following location:

MFIB (This is a trade name of Orange Mountain B.V.)
p/a/ Churchill-laan 35
2012 RN, Haarlem
Tel: 023-2052377



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