Your day to day business is demanding. Competition is nipping at your heels. The C-suite is breathing down your neck, asking for reports on last month’s results. The pressure is on but thankfully you have your team focused on achieving the desired day to day results.

How disruptive will a request to the team be to drop everything they are doing and “sacrifice” two full days to brainstorm the long-term strategy? Chances are you will be met with some passive aggressive resistance.

“Great idea but I have planned to call on our biggest customer. Is it ok if I send a delegate?”

“I fully agree we need to sit down and hammer out the strategy, but the timing now is really awkward”

“My team is a bit fragile at the moment. How about postponing the session for 2 months?”

Sound familiar?

A team focused on execution frequently will need a little coaxing rise above their manic day to day rhythms.

Chances are that they will have been summoned to strategic offsites before, where plans have been made, only to be forgotten in the car on the way home.

By wargaming MFIB can support you in your efforts. We can prepare, facilitate and help implement a strategic session. We use a format originally created for strategic military settings and adapted to business environments through years of experience.

Your team will be inspired by a succession of exercises simulating the pressures of the military high command that has enemy forces ready to engage. You will be required to deliver the commanders intent. The goal of the offsite. We take over from there leading your team sessions that will uncover insights, create comradely and deliver actionable strategies. Buy in for the decisions will have been created along the way.

Our facilitators have a decade of experience in creating an environment that is as passionate as it is inclusive. A setting where the collective intelligence of your team can rise to the occasion.



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