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Client: Global Law firm

Our client is a global Law firm provoking the established other big law firms by challenging the status quo and enhancing innovation in the sector.

Technology is changing all sectors of business. The law sector included. Our client wanted to lead the pack in this digital transition and wanted to get all experts in the company aligned to the future of their business. Not only with a frame of mind, also with concrete plans to go through their own transition.

Game design
We designed the Wargame in two parts: 1. A ‘Friendly Forces’ dinner with the clients own partners and selected customers and external experts. During the dinner input was gained on their three themes: the next lawfirm, the next lawyer and the next client. 2. The Wargame itself the following day which was targeted at designing Courses of Action to be taken to address the three themes.

The Friendly forces dinner was a great success involving clients and close ‘friends’ in co-creating the future strategy. The knowledge gained in the evening before the game was very valuable in the game itself. The teams in the wargame came up with a series of ideas and possible plans to lead the firm into the new era ahead.




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