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Client: Market leading pharmaceutical company

Our Netherlands based client is a global leader in generic and specialty medicines with over 35,000 unique products.

In one of their important therapeutical area’s, two new entrants were expected to launch their products with a large amount of marketing and sales power. Clients goal for the Wargame was twofold: to develop the right counter strategy together with the input of both sales, marketing and medical and at the same time create a one team, one goal synergy going ahead.

Game design
The Wargame was executed in a full day and evening, including dinner. Participants were prepared with an intelligence pack on the competition. During the game they immersed themselves in the skin of competitions highlighting the critical vulnerability of their own strategy and organisation.

The Wargame had an unexpected outcome where the winning plans were based on a non-offensive approach towards the new competition. As the new entrants had a lesser track record, and their own products a long and trustworthy heritage amongst patients and GP’s, a strategy was developed based on their own strength. This resulted in an client engagement approach questioning the efforts of competition and the expected results.



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