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Bruynzeel – Sakura

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Bruynzeel is known in the Netherlands from both the kitchens and the children’s colouring products. As they define themselves: ‘..There we were, at your fingertips, when you drew your first line. One of many. Those lines became ideas, and those ideas became drawings. We believe that every drawing is an expression of an idea worth sharing and we have been cherishing your imagination for over 70 years. So share away!..’

Bruynzeel, as a local player in the Netherlands was being challenged by two large foreign multinationals; one being the German Stabilo, the other the French pen manufacturer BIC. Both were entering the Dutch child colouring segment that Bruynzeel dominated. Being large corporates with big marketing budgets, Bruynzeel had a desperate need to develop a counter strategy.

Game design
The Wargame was executed in a 2 day setting with different experts from all disciplines of the organization. During the game focus was given to searching for the ‘weakness in the strength’ of these two major competitors. With the insights derived from this, the own ‘Courses of Action’ were defined.

Even though the Wargame was primarily focussed on countering the competition, a major take-out was an unexpected insight of the own internal customer market segmentation which needed to be adapted. Furthermore, by role playing the competition, also the insight was created that both the French as the german companies would not have much attention for a small country as the Netherlands and therefore a strategy as ‘local jewel’ with intensive and quick campaigning with local dutch retailers would (and did!) work.



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