Clients’ testimonials

General manager FMCG operation China

We have recently conducted our second MFIB war game with the China team. Last year’s war game was tailored to our needs for a market entry into the competitive Chinese market, while we decided this year to focus on growth in a specific sales channel. The results exceeded our expectations again! The battlefield was well defined and clear missions were agreed upon prior to the war game. The action plans the team decided on were well thought through, innovative and most importantly accepted by all stakeholders. As a result we have gained weeks in the implementation and execution phase!  quote_down


Campaign director EU elections of Dutch political party

The MFIB Group has recently introduced the concept of war gaming to our party. It has proven to be a highly successful instrument to sharpen our strategy and motivate our teams. Although we were always using the  term “elections are war”,  we have never fully appreciated the many similarities between warfare decision- making processes and strategy while organizing a campaign. This was an eye-opener. It has enabled us to assess the possible courses of action to achieve our election objectives, plot the competition and select the most effective way forward. It was even more instrumental to fire up our team, who will have to make it happen. The MFIB concept of “One Team, One Fight”, has a high resonance in our culture, and will contribute highly to our success in the upcoming elections. We will definitely continue to use the MFIB Group and their way of working in our strategic processes.quote_down


General manager Dutch branded consumer goods company

MFIB has helped us to start changing almost everything. Especially the way to manage the  competition and product development. We are proud to say that we have now implemented a new way of thinking and moreover have developed a way of working whereby we have substantially increased our effectiveness in the markets we operate in. The first successes have been booked and within the next 6 months we will startle the competition. We thank the MFIB professionals for showing us the way to success (Lead the way!) and guiding/coaching us towards achievements! We can recommend the MFIB group to any company that needs a real change and wants to put their strategy to the test!quote_down