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Dear Young Professionals,

In April 2014 you were challenged to create an innovative fundraising idea. One of the ideas was the Orange Babies Baby Wipes; “Swipe HIV”. Hereby I would like to congratulate you as your designer idea made it to the shelves of one of the biggest drugstores of the Netherlands, the Etos. After hearing your idea we were so excited that we immediately started to elaborate on it. We started talking to the Etos and just like us they were very enthusiastic. We asked three famous Dutch artist to design the packing for the baby wipes, being Bas Kosters (fashion designer), Jeroen van Koningsbrugge (TV celebrity)  en Henk Schiffmacher (Tattoo artist) and we can now proudly announce to you that from Monday your idea will be available at the Etos.

image001I would like to thank you so much for your great inspiring ideas and being the creating source of this. Thanks to you we are now able to give a lot more babies in Africa a HIV free start.

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With kind regards,

Alex van Zijl

Managing director