Nigeria Market War Game Program

Business leaders are focusing on Africa as the next frontier of growth and opportunity. Nowhere is this potential more apparent than in Nigeria, the largest African nation in population, as well as economic output. But how to build a profitable, sustainable and defendable position in this highly attractive market, as Nigeria also has a strong reputation regarding hardship, complexity and other business risks.

It all starts with a sound strategy, but how do you validate your strategic approach for Nigeria. You will face counter actions from your competitors, government officials with an own agenda, opaque legal and fiscal frameworks and many other unforeseen complexities.

Business War gaming your Nigeria strategy, with trusted and knowledgeable people, will enable you to stress-test your strategy, optimize where appropriate, secure sufficient resources and manage the expectations.


Program operation

MFIB offers its proven and successful business war game program in the Nigerian market in cooperation with Naijalink, a well-established and trusted Dutch-Nigerian company with a professional and reliable support team. MFIB War Game programs can be conducted in Nigeria, Europe, the United States, etc. MFIB war games are managed by operators with extensive Africa and business war gaming experience. Trusted third parties, either from your or our network, can be added to the list of participants to enhance the local component of the war game experience.


MFIB Africa Expertise

MFIB has conducted multiple business strategy war games in Africa. The MFIB Africa business war game program is managed by Edo Offerhaus who has lived in Ghana and who has been responsible for multiple product launches and strategic growth projects in Africa.


More information?
To request more information on the China Market War Game program, please contact Edo Offerhaus.


Business War Gaming

  • Business war gaming is a dynamic simulation of a real situation, providing information and experiences to shape strategic decisions and prepare the ground for successful implementation.
  • War gaming paints a dynamic picture of the battlefield and allows for incorporation of interdependent moves of all relevant players on the battlefield.
  • War gaming enables an organization to be well prepared to turn Strategy into Action. It builds agility and appreciation of the dynamics of the Battlefield. It enables teams to act decisively “in the heat of the fight”.



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