Military Formats to work in your organization – it’s not about fighting, it’s about winning


Business people have long found value in the ancient writing of Sun Tzu , the legendary Chinese military  general, because he boils down the truth in a few words. It’s not about fighting, it’s about winning; as Sun Tzu put it: “To win 100 victories in 100 battles is not the acme of skill,” Tzu wrote. “To subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence”.



In MFIB Business War Gaming we are  focussed on finding new ways to win in the future battlefields organizations will need to operate in. It’s all about defining the marketplace dynamics, which innovation is taking place and how to outsmart both existing and future competition. Whether you as an organization are confronted with new entrants, you yourself are entering new markets or you need to be prepared for the future, War Gaming will help you picture the future, define, test and implement your strategy and help to fire up your team in a ‘One Team, One Fight’ spirit.


In a recent article by Michael Mink based on the books ‘Sun Tzu For Execution: How To Use the Art of War to get Results’ and ‘Wake Up or Die’ four tips to put military concepts to work for your organization are given:

  • Win without conflict. “To win 100 victories in 100 battles is not the acme of skill, to subdue the enemy without fighting is the supreme excellence.”
  • Seize the initiative. “Generally, he who occupies the field of battle first and awaits his enemy is at ease; he who arrives later and joins battle in haste is weary. And therefore, one skilled in war brings the enemy to the field of battle and is not brought there by him.”
  • Be bold. Be on the offensive. “That means a little risk, those can be managed. Particularly if you are focused on doing a few things well.”
  • Zero in. “Concentrate your effort and resources”


As Michael Mink concludes his article “Many businesses have more good ideas than they can pursue”, said Michaelson: “Are you selecting the most important priorities, (and) if you win on those priorities does it truly matter to your business? Once you say yes to that, are you aligning all of your efforts behind those few priorities? In my experience, simple ideas executed with gusto have a tendency to work.”

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