India Market War Game Program

Business in India is gaining more and more momentum. The question is not any longer if we need to enter the Indian market, but when and how. What is the appropriate time to enter this attractive market, in potential only second to China, and what is the most effective and efficient market entry strategy. India is still a country with complex rules and regulations. Its government is in a business friendly transition process, but has not yet implemented all required frameworks. Still the middle class is growing rapidly, economic growth is impressive and sustained and therefore more and more companies enter India now, claiming their first movers advantages.


The key challenge for companies entering the Indian market is how to build a defendable, sustainable and profitable position in this strategic and growing market. You will face counteractions from well entrenched local players, have to deal with national and local authorities and convince Indian customers to buy your products. War Gaming your entry strategy will enable you to stress test your strategic approach in a trusted & secure environment.


Program Operation

MIFB offers its proven and successful Business War Game program in India in cooperation with Srikar Strategic Consultancy, based in the Chennai/Bangalore. Srikar Strategic Consultancy is supporting International clients in developing market entry strategies, market research, business planning, regulatory affairs and partner selection.


MFIB War Game programs can be conducted in India, its neighbouring countries or other Emerging Markets. MFIB War Games are managed by operators with extensive experience in their specific markets. The MFIB team can be enhanced by locally recruited subject matter experts, if required.


MFIB India Expertise

MFIB has extensive experience in Business War Gaming in Emerging Markets, including India. The MFIB India Business War Game program is managed by Edo Offerhaus, who has extensive experience in building successful businesses in rapidly growing Emerging Markets.


More information?
To request more information on the China Market War Game program, please contact Edo Offerhaus.


Business War Gaming

  • Business war gaming is a dynamic simulation of a real situation, providing information and experiences to shape strategic decisions and prepare the ground for successful implementation.
  • War gaming paints a dynamic picture of the battlefield and allows for incorporation of interdependent moves of all relevant players on the battlefield.
  • War gaming enables an organization to be well prepared to turn Strategy into Action. It builds agility and appreciation of the dynamics of the Battlefield. It enables teams to act decisively “in the heat of the fight”.

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