Formats to assess & counter Market Disruption

Today’s marketplace is characterized by rapidly changing conditions; new market entrants, break through technology developments, political crises, and aggressive competitive actions… Market disruption can come from a variety of sources. These dynamics require organizations that can quickly signal and adapt to new situations and competitive arenas. The Military are experts in designing result driven operations to explore, manoeuvre, engage and succeed in highly dynamic situations. Military Formats in Business uses these concepts to help businesses achieve success with maximum efficiency & effectiveness.


Are you prepared?

Pre-empting expected moves, developments and situations requires solid preMFIB-2paration:

  • My competitor is launching a new product, how do I counter?
  • New technology is changing my market, how can I benefit?
  • I want to lead innovation in my market, how do I create my own disruption?
  • Political developments will influence my market. Which moves do I need to make?
  • My current business model is flawing. Which changes do I need to make?

MFIB example formats

  • Plotting the (future) battlefield
  • Red Teaming competitor threats & moves
  • Blue Teaming own defensive & offensive courses of action

MFIB cases Market Disruption

  • A leading consultancy firm in the Netherlands defined future threats & focussed courses of action to ensure long-term sustainability & team mind shift.
  • A market leader in consumer products in Asia countered a new entrant by Red Teaming their expected moves.
  • A European manufacturer threatened by possible new European laws defined options for manoeuvring, defining friendly forces & pre-empting consequences.


More information?
To request more information on formats to assess & counter Market Disruption, please contact Rutger van der Lee.


Deliverables of MFIB formats

  • A clear understanding of the Strategic Intent within the team.Wargame vlag
  • A thorough appreciation of the dynamics of the battlefield (who is moving where, who holds the high ground, who has most resources).
  • Own Courses of Action; what are the most effective and efficient options to successfully achieve the Intent.
  • “One Team, One Fight” mentality among the team.
  • Tools and templates for strategy development and action planning.


Business War Gaming

Business War Gaming is a dynamic simulation of a real situation, providing information and experience to shape strategic decisions and prepare the ground for successful implementation.