Competitive Counter-Strike Program in Pharma

Logo MFIB FlyerWhile most pharmaceutical companies spend substantial money, time and effort to launch their own products, very few companies prepare and execute comprehensive counter-launch plans to anticipate, undermine and defeat competitive launch products. Pharmaceutical companies must learn to compete as offensivelyas other industries such as telecommunications, manufacturing and consumer electronics. The most important time to compete is actually before the product launch period*.


Pre-empt & Defend against the launch of a competitive product

In the pharmaceutical marketplace, the product launch is essential to the short- and long-term success of a drug. If a company can undermine a competitors product launch, it will severely hamper the market penetration and success of the challenger for years to come. Successfully launching a counter-strike campaign, requires a systematic, integrated approach & flawless execution.


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To request more information on the Competitive Counter-Strike program in Pharma, please contact Rutger van der Lee.


Military Formats in Business

Wargame_3The Military are experts in preparing, executing & succeeding in highly hostile environments. MFIB Group uses these principles and concepts to help businesses design competitive counter-strike programs.


The MFIB Group Competitive Counter-Strike Program consists of 3 phases:

  • Analysis phase – Intelligence gathering
  • Simulation phase – War Gaming
  • Execution phase – Action planning & implementation

What is Business War Gaming?

  • Business war gaming is a dynamic simulation of a real situation, providing information and experiences to shape strategic decisions and prepare the ground for successful implementation.
  • MFIB-2War gaming paints a dynamic picture of the battlefield and allows for incorporation of interdependent moves of all relevant players on the battlefield.
  • War gaming enables an organization to be well prepared to turn Strategy into Action. It builds agility and appreciation of the dynamics of the Battlefield. It enables teams to act decisively “in the heat of the fight”.

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* Quotes by Dr. Stan Bernard