China Market War Game Program

How do you prepare yourself for a strategic project in China? The key challenge is not so much to develop the market, as the Chinese market for most products and services is already substantial. The key question is how to claim a defendable, sustainable and profitable position in this vastly growing and strategic market. You will face counteractions from professional global players, as well as from locals fighting to maintain their position. War gaming your market strategy will enable you to stress test your strategic approach in a trusted & secure environment.


Program Options

MFIB offers two options for a China market War Game program.

  • A program with participants from your own company, preferably in China, with your Chinese staff members and local friendly forces.
  • A program with participants from a pool of Chinese students, graduating at Dutch MBA universities. MFIB has a pool of native Chinese MBA students in The Netherlands who will game from a Chinese perspective and will enable you get first hand feedback from native Chinese, enabling you to shape your strategic decisions and prepare the ground for successful implementation.


MFIB China Expertise

MFIB has conducted multiple bi-lingual business strategy war games in China. The MFIB China strategy war game program is managed by Edo Offerhaus who has lived in China and who has been responsible for multiple product launches and strategic growth projects on the Chinese market.


More information?

To request more information on the China Market War Game program, please contact Edo Offerhaus.


Business War Gaming

  • Business war gaming is a dynamic simulation of a real situation, providing information and experiences to shape strategic decisions and prepare the ground for successful implementation.
  • War gaming paints a dynamic picture of the battlefield and allows for incorporation of interdependent moves of all relevant players on the battlefield.
  • War gaming enables an organization to be well prepared to turn Strategy into Action. It builds agility and appreciation of the dynamics of the Battlefield. It enables teams to act decisively “in the heat of the fight”.


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