MFIB Group – Military Formats in Business

Turning Strategy into Action

Achieving your corporate objectives in today’s market place requires a competitive strategy and flawless execution. More and more markets are being dominated by a small number of world-class players, with similar capabilities. The difference between success and mediocre performance will depend in such cases on picking the right battlefield, outsmarting the competition, and building a well motivated and outward focused team. Multiple case studies of the MFIB Group have proven that under these market conditions, military tools and techniques are highly relevant.


From ancient times onwards the military prime objective has always been to achieve its objectives by frustrating the enemies willingness to fight or if not possible by outsmarting or overpowering them on the battlefield. The MFIB Group has developed multiple programs to guarantee that companies can and will achieve their objectives in such a competitive environment.

New FormatsMFIB Wargame refernces

MFIB Group has recently launched the following specific Military Formats in Business programs:

MFIB War Gaming

MFIB-1The goal of the MFIB War Game is to gain a better understanding of the total competitive arena and anticipate competitive developments in your industry. The MFIB War Game is an effective tool for uncovering hidden weaknesses – your own and those of your competitors. This understanding will help you formulate best-course action options. The MFIB War Game will also help you shift managerial focus from internal to external, and lay a foundation for an early warning process.

MFIB Team Building Program

Wargame vlagFlawless execution will require highly motivated and well trained teams. Within these teams all energy should be directed at achieving the given objectives. This will require trust, respect and mutual understanding, next to a clear command structure. In today’s world business teams are frequently established based on specific needs or objectives. The teams members often have different functional back grounds and personalities. Team building in advance of a important mission is therefore essential for success. The MFIB Team Building Program is tailored to the needs of organizations to quickly build strong and effective teams.


MFIB Consultancy

consultancyToday’s marketplace is highly competitive. Everyone is after everyone’s business everywhere. Companies therefore must learn how to deal with such a competitive environment. How to exploit the weaknesses of their competitors and how to avoid their strength. Different positions in the marketplace require different strategies. Market leaders should grow their core, while defending their dominant position. Runners up should focus all their efforts on the weakness in the strength of the market leader. So every position requires a different strategy. The MFIB Group is dedicated to support companies in setting clear and motivating objectives, facilitate strategy development and support action planning and implementation to enable them to achieve their objectives in such a competitive environment.